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ABOUT Dr. Lowe

Dr. J Adam Lowe is the right conservative to send to Nashville. A family man, small businessman, educator, author, and former commissioner, Dr. Lowe stands for the conservative values that Tennesseans hold dear.

Thank you for taking a moment to learn more about our campaign to elect J. Adam Lowe to the Tennessee Senate.  For decades, Dr. Lowe and his wife Rachel have been serving our local communities through nonprofit work, education, and government service.  It’s time to elect someone with that heart and record to serve us in Nashville!

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The right conservative.



There are many challenges that we will face in our Tennessee Tomorrow - It's not enough to be conservative. We have to have leaders who will work for conservative ideas, because conservative ideas will work for us.

Adam is Pro-Life, and will work with you to protect the unborn. 

Adam is a Sportsman, and Pro-Second Amendment, and will work for you to protect your Second Amendment rights.

Adam. believes in less Government, and as a County Commissioner, worked to keep taxes low for you.

Adam believes in Parents Rights, and will work for strong relationships between parents and teachers.

Adam is a free market businessman, and will work for reducing Government burden on our small businesses.

Adam is a husband, father of 4, and will work for your Tennessee Family values.

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